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January 5, 2010

Ryan A’s Response to K-ON! S2 at Paper Flower

Original Post: K-on! Season 2

Ryan A

January 2, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Enjoyed melforaine’s perspective that everyone should not be concerned/care about others’ preference for experience, my response:

… I’m not sure the popularity aspect is what causes the flaming, rather I think it is fans being sucked in and then “overly vocal” about their interest in the series (blind hype).

With this stimulation, a number of [likely nonconstructive] blogs posts, fan art, etc manifest. So, many who don’t like the overhead (K-On! getting 1000 posts in a season) are going to easily get negative on it in hopes that people will just watch (or not) and shut up.

Viewers can experience a series and it is a “closed” event (viewers are not relying on other viewers to have the experience… they do it on their own). Anything beyond the experience isn’t necessarily needed, nor should it be voided (we need a balance of post content in the community… see my writings on redundancy for more info), but with viewers drunken on hyper-moe-kawaiisum there tends to be pointless overhead en mass. There may be correlation with popularity, but generally it is the fans dumbing-down and expressing themselves illogically which is the catalyst.

The constructive perspective: can we identify with both sides and find a solution which satisfies all sides?

I feel most of the community can identify with both/all sides in the general case, though not the specific case of Moe-ON! But what is a solution? If we don’t want to see/hear something on the interwebz, then avoid it. Unfortunately, some outlets do not allow unspoiling, unspamming, or general categorization when subscribing to content updates; you either get all or none, and that is a major issue imo.

Update: Seems I touched on this before.