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December 19, 2010

Chan on Panty x Brief; Fit and Foil

Original Post: Moments in Anime 2010: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt 12 and Remembering Love

Chan says:

Interestingly enough if one looks at Brief closely you’ll see that his fact actually resembles Panty’s. In fact one could call Brief both Panty’s spear counterpart and her foil, in his name, his appearance, and personality. Interestingly enough this episode did several things to bring both Panty and Brief to the same level.

Brief’s own is obvious, his facial features which Panty is attracted, too. The size of his *coughpeniscough* and his desire to help Panty even if he himself is powerless. There were two or rather three; his physical appearance, his prudence, and his *coughsexualstaminacough. Throughout the series Brief was basically shown as the guy that had all the qualities that Panty was looking for, only problem was Panty wasn’t look *at* him and also had he revealed himself then Panty would never have the attribute his behavior to personality. She would have been too superficial to look past his face.

Similarly the way how Panty was brought down to brief’s level and thus set up new barriers which actually go hand in hand with Brief’s prudence, and works in favor of their relationship. Previously as said before Panty likes men with big …penises, which Brief possess, she is also the kind of one who does not think long term which is attributed to her putting sex first in contrast to Brief who wanted to start a relationship first. The first one ends up becoming a problem as now that Panty is a virgin it actually is painful for her to have sex with someone so ……hung, she can’t get any pleasure out of it, and thus sex between them has now become an act of trust, as Panty won’t be receiving any pleasure out of it, that requires them to actually yes be in a relationship, before they pursue that level of intimacy. In other words Brief has effectively become the one person Panty cannot just “love and leave”. Adding on to that Panty has been turned into a normal human, which means she doesn’t have her guns anymore she has lost her super strength, and durability, and yet she wants to help Brief. The tables have turned Panty is now the powerless one who wants to help the one she likes even though she knows that she knows that she’s useless, in other words a role that Brief has been playing throughout the entire narrative. This would have been stranger in another narrative as a love story but it works in this one.

The reason why this all works is because of Panty’s established personality, is such that just letting Panty see how Brief really looks she would be too shallow to let herself see the real him. And while she probably would have given Brief more respect it would have been more for his face than anything else, she would have been more blind to his faults, therefore not allowing them to get as close as they did in episode 12. She probably wouldn’t have let any other guy see her so distraught and not in control of her situation, but because its Brief its okay. This is because it actually seems like it would be out of character for Panty to be distraught in front of a total stranger. In other words Panty isn’t the type of character in which the writers can just create a one shot character for her to fall in love with, if Panty has to fall in love it would have to be an established character otherwise it would be out of character for her. At the same time the poor smuck that falls in love with her better have a high tolerance and be very faithful otherwise it wouldn’t not work as a love story. This is why their relationship started out the way it did, and why it develops the way it does. Panty and Brief’s foil like nature, serves as a way to both keep them together and differentiate them each other, in other words opposites attract.