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August 24, 2011

Marigold Ran on Usagi Drop Ringing True

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Usagi Drop Roundup: The Viewers Speak Up!

By ghostlightning | Published: August 23, 2011


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Why the devil wasn’t I put on the discussion panel? I’ve probably more experience with kids than all of you COMBINED. I’ve been working with large groups of them for the last 6 or 7 years. For better or worse (Generally for the better. But not always. Hohoho).

In regards to question 1, I’m SHOCKED that an anime managed to accurately depict a child. I think this is the first time it has happened. From other anime shows I’ve watched, I’ve gathered that kids were either:

1. Miniature teenagers in disguise (Nanoha, various other shows).
2. Miniature adults in disguise (Cowboy Bebop).
3. Poor saps waiting to be victimized by monsters (Monster, Princess Mononoke).
4. Objects of adult/teenage interest (examples abound. Shudder).
5. Geniuses (Azumanga Daioh, Kare Kano)
6. Or the Permanently Cheerful Child (these types are surprisingly common in fiction. I don’t get it. If the writers think about it, it should be pretty obvious that NO ONE can stay permanently cheerful).

Rin acts normal for a kid in her circumstance. In episode 1, when she climbs the steps, she USES HER HANDS. When she’s angry that Daikichi didn’t pick her up, SHE KNOCKED DOWN A TOWER OF BLOCKS. When she wants to reach the grandfather clock, SHE GOES TO THE KITCHEN AND GETS A STOOL WITHOUT TALKING TO ANYONE. She likes piggy-back rides, BUT DOESN’T WANT TO BE CAUGHT ON ONE. She doesn’t understand the concept of I’m-really-tired-in-the-morning-and-I’m-an-adult-and-no-I-don’t-want-to-wake-up-at-5:45 AM-idea. She likes bouncing on the bed (and falling off it) when the adults are talking on the phone. When Daikichi tries to see which clothes fit on her, SHE WAVES HER HANDS UP AND DOWN. When she sees a stranger, SHE RUNS AWAY BECAUSE SHE’S SHY. Etc. etc.

Also, Reina is pretty accurate too. Her mom obviously has no idea what to do with her so Reina takes full advantage of the situation to do whatever she wants to do. This includes:

1. Running around the house.
2. Running around other people’s houses.
3. Makes friends easily.
4. Clamoring for stuff constantly.
5. Generally getting what she wants.
6. A lot of fun to be around for people who are not responsible for her. A headache for the parents though.

So, yes, Usagi Drop gets a lot of these little details RIGHT. Which is extremely rare for anime.

As to question #2: Do I want a kid?
No. Yes, eventually, but right now it’s way too early. First I need more money. Then a (beautiful) girlfriend. Then a wife. Then children. In that order. So there’s a long way to go.

Question #3: Do I have nostalgia for childhood? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Do I have anxiety as an adult? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Anxiety, nostalgia, and worry require emotional memory, which I don’t have much of. After all, you have to REMEMBER you’re anxious to be anxious, you get my drift?

I’ll continue to watch Usagi Drop out of interest.


August 13, 2011

animekritik on fascism and the postmodern

Original Post: On The Interpretation of Anime (or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bog)

animekritik says:

August 13, 2011 at 10:32 am

Bad idea rewatching Utena in the middle of Penguindrum, unless you’re thinking of dropping Penguindrum :D

As to this fascism and post-modernism issue, it seems to me that to the extent that the Nazis tried desperately to hold onto a myth of German superiority, they were the antithesis of post-modernism and superflat worldviews etc. However, yes, I think the desperation you saw in some of these Germans betrayed a creeping awareness that not even the Germans escaped from this annihilation of absolute values (especially not the Germans). So that in a twisted sense post-modernism can be said to descend from the fascist project even though it opposes it. Put another way, if a German wakes up one day in 1945 and realizes all of a sudden that his race has no absolute claim to anything, then the only thing that’s left to him/her is to accept that no other race has any absolute claim to anything. And of course, we might dislike the way this realization plays out, but that doesn’t affect in any way its truth value.


August 9, 2011

ghostlightning on growing into adulthood

Original Post: I’m 20 Years Old? FFFFFFFFFFFF Why Can’t I Look Like Sakurano Kurimu?!

August 8, 2011 at 12:39 am

I want to be Son Gohan, all of 6 years old and the strength of a T-Rex. I can delve pretty big holes all by myself. I want to be an a room full of all the Lego bricks in the world and make Gundams for a month, then emerge from it as a fully formed adult and show my shit off on the internet.

I want to be a little girl just like my little girl so we can play and wrestle and dance together, then after a few hours I’ll turn back into her father so I can lift her up and adore her until my heart explodes.

I want to meet my wife again when we were both teenagers. Then a few days later be ourselves again so we can laugh: she at my long hair, me at her braces.

The wish to be a kid again never, ever goes away. So does the wish to never grow older than how you are at any time. But I realize I seldom wish to stay a particular age: like, I’d wish I was 18 again, but only for a few days, or maybe be 23 while backpacking through the world over a year… but nothing like to be a certain younger age again period.

To disappear from one’s milieu is to abandon one’s relationships in a way. Their relationship is with me, me the adult, the 34 year old husband, and father. I can’t be 18 and leave my wife at 36. That wouldn’t be fair. I wouldn’t like myself that much if I did. It would be a supremely selfish choice. And this, has less to do with being mature or adult, but just being loving.

The adventures I want to have are adventures with them. Sure I have 25 year-old friends who I probably can’t keep up with partying, or I won’t be able to join traveling. I accept this. I had my adventures at that age. The adventures I need to have, are those with the people I’m with and who I love.

Right now, you’re surrounded by people your age, and it’s easy to feel the things you’re feeling. The game here is to just live, go out and do things. You’ve done a bit of that, now do more, while you can, so that whatever you’re doing at whatever age will be things that feel right, because the things you haven’t done yet will be there for you to do, and the things that you miss, are already things you’ve done.

Happy Birthday bro. When I turned 20 it was both the best and worst day of my life. I would never ever want to go through that day and night ever again. But I would never change anything.


August 1, 2011

Snippett on Hanasaku Iroha’s Okami-san

Original Post: Hanasaku Iroha 18 and It’s Okay to Be Who You Really Aren’t

Snippett says:

August 1, 2011 at 1:56 pm

What I noticed from Okami-san is she’s separating herself as mom and manager. During the Young Master’s arc, it was showed that she has that switch button for her transformation. She specifically mentioned that it’s TIME for her to become a MOTHER. The problem is, she can’t entirely be that two different persons to her kids mainly because Kissuiso isn’t just their workplace, but also it’s their home. The logic is, one space is just always perfect for one entity. Just like Nako, she has her own space (home) to become loud, and another space (otherwise) to be the timid one. Hence, Okami-san isn’t that successful of a parent and a manager because she tries to fit-in her two roles in one space. Indeed, she’s able to do that but the failure arose when she couldn’t use her roles to its full potential–she has to reduce them in order to fit into that space.

As for her daughter, of course she still wants her back. I believed that she’s still likes her to take-over the inn, that’s her dream right? Remember when Setsuko had her and Ohana drunk. She mentioned that’s she’s visioning Setsuko handling the inn together with Ohana. I think for Okami-san as a manager, Setsuko is fitter to succeed the inn than the young master because she’s smarter. And as mommy, she wants to be with her child. So it’s a win-win situation for her if she’ll have Setsuko inherit the inn.