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May 26, 2011

soulassassin547 on What’s Priceless in Macross Frontier

Original Post: Moments of 2010: The Deifying Moment of Awesome (The Galactic Fairy Becomes the Goddess of Battle)

soulassassin547 says:

May 25, 2011 at 12:54 pm (Edit)

I watched it two night ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the outright changes in the storyline. But more noticeable was, IMHO, the greater amount of development on Sheryl’s part, thus I have come to like her much as Sachiko Ogasawara or Asuka Langley Soryu.

Hmmm… about her credit card:

*A holographic stage dress custom-built by Miyake and LAI: 5000 credits
* Lunch at the Frontier Terra: 300 credits
* A special rescue mission by the SMS private military contractor, with a Macross Quarter, four Messiah squadrons, and optional special offensive weaponry: 120,000,000 credits
* Seeing even half of your Galaxy fanbase alive as they come to see refuge on Frontier: priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’sIsland Premium Card from Vega. :)