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February 9, 2010

RP on the Demise of One’s Own Anime Blogging

Original Post: The two-year death and history repeating itself in the aniblogsphere

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It’s funny, I always think of a Nightwing quote from the old Bat man car toons where he says: “Things changed! I changed! The games over, Batman! I quit.” when it comes to topics like this. It seems oddly fitting.

Sadly, the cycle is what it is — unavoidable. I don’t think any one ever starts with the intention to quit, but it’s like relation ships that last a couple months, or a job you leave after a year or two. You never start things expecting to end it. But things change. People change. And priorities shift. It’s sad to see old faces go, but the world is a huge place, and soon, another face pops up. I hate to say we’re interchangeable pieces, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m saying :-)

Even I wonder how long I’ll stay in this game. I think I may have caused myself undue anxiety in my anniversary post by mentioning that I wanted to stick with blogging “for the long haul.” Not that I don’t, but the last thing I ever want to do is have blogging become a chore I feel like I have to do, than some thing I want to do. And that state ment seemed like an albatross in the making. Plus, how can I know? What if I end up get ting a new job that takes up all my time? What if I strike up a serious relation ship with a certain special lady? I’d like to think I could con tinue unabated, and I cer tainly think I could to some degree, but even the optimist in me would admit that I’d devote less time to it.

But I think it’s always interesting to reminisce about things like these, not because any one has any answers, but because I think in the back of our minds, we’re all thinking similar things.