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September 7, 2010

Kadian on One of the Best Episodes in Anime of All Time

Original Post: Kino no Tabi 02 The Horror of Being Human


September 7, 2010 at 1:23 amThis is easily one of my very favorite anime episodes of all time. […] I love the details about the traders: a coming marriage, a festival for the return home, the stories and music and culture that belie the cold, calculating logic that rationalizes human trafficking as a way of life. Maybe there isn’t much distinction between hunting rabbits and human slavery in a certain kind of logic; Kino’s Journey certainly isn’t the kind of narrative to make overt moral judgments like that. But its the same logic that made these men turn on their savior at their earliest convenience. There is the cruelty. The evil of mercenary pragmatism only humans are capable of.

Kino is trained and armed way beyond your average passerby, surely something her experiences as a traveler in unpredictable lands has taught her. However those skill aren’t the reason she helped them. I think, like us, she just didn’t suspect those men to turn on her. Remember the last line of the episode, Hermes asks her if she would do it all again, and she doesn’t answer.