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October 21, 2011

Stormshrug on Gundam AGE and the Scale of Robot Anime Sci-Fi Bullshit

Original Post: Does Gundam AGE’s AGE System Make The Impossible Possible? (Gundam AGE Episode 02)


Stormshrug says:

October 18, 2011 at 4:42 am (Edit)

The AGE system was gigantically less bullsh*t than I expected, and this pleases me greatly. Of course, it’s just setting me up for eventual disappointment, but still, I was very gratified to see the AGE system be “normal sci-fi total bullsh*t” and not “LOLOLOL Lambda Driver GN Spiral Power Super Robot bullsh*t.”

On a scale of Giant Robot bullsh*t, it ranks as follows:

-Use of Inflatable Santas as Decoys (totally not bullsh*t and completely awesome)

-Wrist-Mounted Gatling Guns (probably not actually feasible but not particularly bullsh*t)

-Minovsky Particles (bullsh*t that justifies other, bigger in-setting bullsh*t)

-Magically Indestructible New Metals (bullsh*t, but too common to complain much about)

-The AGE System (at least it doesn’t use “nanomachines”)

-Robots that Can Fly (like a jet) (kinda bullsh*t)

-I-Fields (kinda bullsh*t, but limited in scope and therefore acceptable)

-Rock-throwing Zakus (F*CKIN’ ROCKS OUT OF NOWHERE)

-The Unicorn’s Newtype Destroyer Mode

-Robots that Can Hover Indefinitely (f*ck you, Code Geass R2)

-Lasers that Bend and Home-In (why do so many good shows insist on this particular piece of bullsh*t?)

-Teleporting Robots

-Lambda Drivers (“You thought this was Real Robot, didn’t you, sucker” bullshit)

-The Gundam Hammer, in all incarnations (Wait, wasn’t the morning star one of the most dangerous, difficult to control weapons OF ALL TIME? LET’S PUT ONE ON A GIANT ROBOT!)

-Being a successful pacifist in a giant robot

-Anything to do with Gundam Seed Destiny

-Chickens on Bright Noah’s head (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-)