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May 24, 2011

Matt Wells on The Blog of Origami Cyclone

Original Post: Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

Matt Wells says:

May 24, 2011 at 1:15 am (Edit)

YES. I just caught up with Tiger and Bunny, and you should do these entries, in character, FOR EVERY EPISODE OF THE SHOW. If I don’t have a life, why should you?! Great entry, but it needs more obvious coporate whoring. And superhero comic style purple prose!

“The crazed vigilante Lunatic struck at me with blazing crossbow bolts of gushing flames! Shu shu, Zupan! Its at times like those I’m glad I have the refreshing flavour of Pepsi Next! Goes down smooth with every drop! The preferred drink of justice lovers everywhere! Cools down 3rd degree burns like nothing else!

“Ahem. Thanks to the teachings of my Shishou-Sensei Kotetsu Tora-sama-senpai-kun-chan, I both stood up for my friend, and found conviction in my own admittedly shitty powers. Speaking of Tora-sama-dono, did you know his Figuarts action figures are coming in this January?! Low low cost, maximum posability, form meets function! Order now and recieve a 15% discount!

“So in closing, my friendly followers of blazing firey righteous justice? Stand by your convictions and your friends, and one day they may too forgive you for your ineffectiual wangsting, and your blame in their decades long incarceration. Just like me! But…WHAT IS JUSTICE? WHAT IS EVL? IS MINE JUSTICE BUT ANOTHER MAN’S SORROWFUL WRONGDOING? How will I find the truth? Click on the link and donate some of your hard earned Sternbills to continue my blog of evil smiting, and help me find out!”

Sorry I just copied your concept almost to the letter, but I had to get that idea out of my system. I think the show should really play up the otaku weaboo angle on Origami Cyclone, its better than watching him emo out for an entire episode. I hope they alternate the blatant eycatcher adverts too. I want to see Rock Bison advertising Suntory Whiskey!