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August 13, 2009

2DT on Feeling and Putting things into words

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2DT comments on loneliness and a lifetime; an exploration on a turn of phrase in honey and clover.


August 13, 2009 at 1:45 am

The difference between western and eastern philosophy, a friend once told me, was that the east concerned itself with feeling the universe, while the west took the task of trying to explain it in words. So it’s funny that you write this essay to try and work through what Shuuji expresses in just a few words about nature.

Which isn’t to say that one is necessarily better than the other. With Shuuji’s statement, I can sit back and feel that “Yes, this matches my experience.” With what you’ve written, there’s a greater capacity for me to write this comment and say to you, “I am going through what you have been through.”