Revuhlooshun on The Beauty of Operation Stardust (Phase I)

Original Post: My Gundam is Better than Your Gundam (DKJ’s Favorite Gundam Moments)


March 2, 2010 at 3:25 am

That is the beauty of it: These cocky, arrogant Federation officers being blown up in a huge sunburst of an explosion! :D

I think though that their arrogance helps the transition from the 0079 Federation to the one in Zeta Gundam. The Federation had become so confident and so big headed after winning the One Year War, and they were so sure in their capabilities, that they thought they were just invincible, which helps to justify the police state that appears in Zeta. The Titans rise not only from the sheer horror of that atrocity but also from the Federation’s shattered pride and image, making it almost a ruthless dictatorship.

To give it a parallel, it’s like 9/11. There were plenty of signs and warnings and briefings and memos alerting that it was coming, but a lot of it was dismissed within the government. We were in peace time. We just defeated the Soviet Union, the Evil Empire! What else was there to worry about!?

And the responses were pretty much identical in both Zeta and the real world.

And there was that awesome explosion :D


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